PhotoPlace Gallery juried by Joyce Tenneson

One of the photographers I've long admired is Joyce Tenneson. Her dreamy, gorgeous style of working with women is something that has inspired me from the beginning of my photography career. When I saw she was curating a show for the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont, entitled 'Intimate Portraits' I knew I had to apply. I was beyond thrilled to know she had not only looked at my work but selected it for gallery exhibition. The group of intimate portraits she selected are wonderfully complex, dreamy and thought-provoking. 

Intimate Portraits, juried by Joyce Tenneson at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont

Intimate Portraits, juried by Joyce Tenneson at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont

Hope Rediscovered at the Women's March 2017

Can't begin to describe the emotions I felt walking towards downtown Portland this morning. For those of us who are in disbelief about the election–seeing this colorful human tapestry of goodness is simply awe inspiring. 


Color @ SE Center for Photography

So let me be the first to say that . . . I was overwhelmed by the number of truly outstanding submissions to the SECP’s themed exhibit, ‘Color.  To be asked to view 873 images, almost all of which were impressive in one way or another- many of which were downright stellar- was both an honor and a real treat.  To then have to make the hard choice of what would go and what would remain on the walls, was both difficult and heartbreaking.  I became possessive of each of them, as though they were my own. - Diana H. Bloomfield, juror

A. Smith Gallery - Diffusion Annual Exhibition

I'm participating in a group show for the Diffusion Annual Exhibition at the A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. Curated By | Libby Rowe and Blue Mitchell

Exhibition dates are September 2 to October 23, 2016 in conjunction with Foto Septiembre.

Reception | September 24, 2016 from 4 to 7pm

Learn more about Diffusion's Lemniscate issue, that features my photography, here.

Click through to purchase Diffusion magazine.

Click through to purchase Diffusion magazine.

Lemniscate Diffusion Magazine

Three photographs from the DEEP in Between series were recently published in the Diffusion's 2016 Annual publication, Lemniscate of Diffusion, Volume VIII, published by One Twelve Publishing. "Lemniscate of Diffusion addresses the dichotomy and relationship between non-figurative (abstract) and narrative theatrical (mise-en-scène) photography." - Blue Mitchell

Purchase Lemniscate of Diffusion here

Recognized in Moscow International Foto Awards '16

Two of Kim Campbell's photographs were recently awarded Honorable Mentions in the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA). Her two photos were selected from thousands of entries from over 85 countries and won in two categories, Collage and Portraits. 

Twinka Thiebaud Steps In

I met Twinka Thiebaud during the Photo Lucida show at the Portland Art Museum back in July and a few weeks later connected one-on-one over her table for tea. There was an instant ease and connection with Twinka as we shared aspirations and stories. I was tickled learning about her tribe of creatives that surround her now and the ones she's travelled with in the past, including her years with Henry Miller (you can find her book here), the many photographers and artists who have documented her over the years including Judy Dater (check out her infamous portrait of Imogen Cunningham and Twinka here), fellow Portlander Susan Seubert (with a current fine art portrait of Twinka), to name a few. I invited her to come into the studio and participate as a model in my most current work entitled 'DEEP in Between', which she'd seen at the Photo Lucida show. She was on board and we set a time to get together to play in the 'sandbox'. Thoughts about end of life, tranquility, energy, play and power were some of the themes we explored. I am always inspired and excited to collaborate with new people and the enigmatic Twinka was no exception.