Lemniscate Diffusion Magazine

Three photographs from the DEEP in Between series were recently published in the Diffusion's 2016 Annual publication, Lemniscate of Diffusion, Volume VIII, published by One Twelve Publishing. "Lemniscate of Diffusion addresses the dichotomy and relationship between non-figurative (abstract) and narrative theatrical (mise-en-scène) photography." - Blue Mitchell

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Camera & Craft

Andy Batt, Candace Dobro and Jodie Steen combined their strengths as photographers, writers and educators to pull together relevant skill building concepts, illustrations and examples for growing photographers. They included the voices and imagery from nine professional photographers and mined them for advice from technology, tools, techniques and aesthetics. I was featured as one of said photographers.

Geared towards serious photo enthusiasts who aim to take their shooting from automatic to mindfully manual. This book is filled with powerful gems to improve your understanding about how the mechanics of the camera work but how to stretch your creative thought process to see the world in a new way when behind the lens. 

I know a fair amount about photography and was still delighted to learn new concepts, trends and ideas myself.

The Camera & Craft PDX book launch is at Pro Photo in NW Portland on Thursday, March 26th from 6 - 8:30 pm. RSVP and get your FREE tickets here.

Named #2 of Photo.nets top photo books of 2014. You can purchase this book on Amazon for around $25.

Trust me, it's a substantial and beautiful investment of your resources.