The Childhood Gravity Games


In a childhood world that winks at the creativity of Rube Goldberg and fantastical play I seek to create enchantment, weightlessness and freedom to develop interrelationships and a sense of courageous exploration.  Original storytelling explores the playfulness and complexities of children in a game-style amalgamation that wraps the viewer in a strange world.

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This work is staged in collaboration with my young models to tell a narrative about the indoctrination of violence in our culture and how it reaches into childhood. Shot completely from a bird’s eye perspective I sought to create visual illusions that question the perceptions of the viewer. Later each image is carefully constructed to tell a story in a cinematic game-style way that progresses from one level to another.


The finished show is envisioned as an installation in a public space.  Perhaps stitched together in one long roll print and wrapped in a circle. Imagine stepping inside this world for a good long while.