Twinka Thiebaud Steps In

I met Twinka Thiebaud during the Photo Lucida show at the Portland Art Museum back in July and a few weeks later connected one-on-one over her table for tea. There was an instant ease and connection with Twinka as we shared aspirations and stories. I was tickled learning about her tribe of creatives that surround her now and the ones she's travelled with in the past, including her years with Henry Miller (you can find her book here), the many photographers and artists who have documented her over the years including Judy Dater (check out her infamous portrait of Imogen Cunningham and Twinka here), fellow Portlander Susan Seubert (with a current fine art portrait of Twinka), to name a few. I invited her to come into the studio and participate as a model in my most current work entitled 'DEEP in Between', which she'd seen at the Photo Lucida show. She was on board and we set a time to get together to play in the 'sandbox'. Thoughts about end of life, tranquility, energy, play and power were some of the themes we explored. I am always inspired and excited to collaborate with new people and the enigmatic Twinka was no exception.