The Making of 'The Childhood Gravity Games'

box of Peppermint Patties

Literally fueled by a box of peppermint patties I got nine children through a topsy turvy few weeks of photo shoots.  Some longer than others as I worked out the story I wanted to tell.  This is what creativity looks like after about 15 minutes. I didn't mind living amongst this chaos until it was time to clean up the photo studio for actual clients.


This series is a culmination of a lot of head scratching, thinking, experimenting and playing. I wanted to address some socially relevant themes including children and danger, exploration of fantasy and the role of games (including video) in our children's upbringing and more. My resident technocrat Tamaio was a protagonist of imaginative proportions with truly fantastical attributes. The cast of characters who step into this weird and wonderful world made such a huge difference for telling this tale.  Special thanks to Finn, Ellora, Wiley, Olivia, Lucca, Callum, Henry and Charlie. And a shout out to our studio kitty 'Hazel' for getting in the way just enough to worm her way into the finished series.