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Learn not just the technical know-how, but also the craft of creative photography

To create successful imagery, you need to balance technical know-how and aesthetic vision. In Camera & Craft: Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography, authors Batt, Dobro and Steen deconstruct photographic principles in new ways to help you think through your process.

Together with nine guest photographers, they explore photographic practice and follow up with inventive exercises and demonstrations that challenge you to engage with your tools—all with the goal of helping you work more creatively. Along the way are conversations with the guest photographers that address each topic, from how the professionals work with clients and models to what they think about as they look through the viewfinder.

“Camera & Craft isn’t meant to be an encyclopaedia, a software book or a camera manual. It’s meant to be a conversation about the technical aspects and ideas that power creative photography.”

- Andy Batt, Professional Photographer & Co-author

Author Bios:

Andy Batt is a professional photographer who creates images for editorial, advertising, interactive and corporate clients. A former faculty member of SVA’s MPS DP program, he is known for his dramatic sports photos and portraits of interesting people. Andy’s photography has most recently been featured in Photo District News (PDN), and his advertising work includes photographing NFL players, Indy Car racers and reality TV star Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Candace Dobro is a portrait and still-life photographer and a writer/editor specializing in photo-related topics. She is a graduate of the MPS DP program at SVA.

Jodie Steen owns 127 Productions, Inc., designing and implementing color-management solutions for top ad agencies, prominent artists and industry-leading photographers. Jodie is a former faculty member of SVA’s MPS DP program.

This book is part of The Digital Imaging Masters Series, which features cutting-edge information from the most sought-after and qualified professionals and instructors in the photography field. Based on the progressive curriculum of the Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography (MPS DP) program created by Katrin Eismann at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, these books are the next best thing to being in the classroom with the Digital Photography Masters themselves.

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9780415810128 | $39.95 / £24.99 in paperback | December 2014

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