Griffin Museum of Photography - The Visual Metric

Paula Tognarelli curates The Visual Metric for the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA and has included the following photograph, The Childhood Gravity Games - Red from the series The Childhood Gravity Games.

August 4 – November 7, 2017

"Anyone from a manufacturing background has a propensity for visual depictions of measurement, process and outcome. Whether it be an excel graph for tracking a trend, a work flow diagram following a widget through production or a fish bone chart to problem solve, it is easier to analyze with a pictorial rendering than a spread sheet of raw numbers or a written description of a procedure. This is the thread of the idea leading to “The Visual Metric” exhibition for the Griffin Museum of Photography...

Roger Archibald, Julie Anand and Damon Sauer, Rachel Barrett, Karen Bell, Meg Birnbaum, Joy Bush, Kim Campbell, Richard Alan Cohen, Charan Devereaux, Norm Diamond, Randi Ganulin, Karen Garrett de Luna, Steve Gentile, Mary Daniel Hobson, Carol Isaak, Andrew Janjigian, Frances Jakubek, Doug Johnson, Marky Kauffmann, Sant Khalsa, Tom Lamb, Susan Lapides, Ralph Mercer, Noritaka Minami, Adam Neese, Troy Paiva, Barry Rosenthal, Daryl-Ann Saunders, Nicolo Sertorio, Sara Silks, Jean Sousa, Jane Szabo, JP Terlizzi, Donna Tramontozzi, David Weinberg, Grace Weston, Julie Williams-Krishnan, Susan Wilson, DM Witman, Dianne Yudelson, and Charlyn Zlotnik." - Paula

The Childhood Gravity Games - Red by photographer Kim Campbell

The Childhood Gravity Games - Red by photographer Kim Campbell