Los Soñadores | The Little Dreamers

2007 - 2012

The Little Dreamers Series is inspired by those day-dreamy moments of old-fashioned play and the dreamy intricacies of childhood wonderment. Favorite moments that speak to fantasy and playfulness in photography are here. A growing collection of charismatic, sensitive and dramatically playful kids have steppped in front of my lens as I built a beloved collection of fine art photography images entitled El Corazónthe heart.

This collection of portraiture takes vintage points of view, props and techniques and makes them modern. This contemporary photography styling is a hallmark of the collection.

Developing a visual story from a handcrafted mask, a torn velvet cape or a simple gesture invites the viewer to pause, reflect and question. Finding inspiration from archetypal themes, vintage props, painterly backgrounds has allowed this work to grow.

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