Photo Shoots

The Goat Whisperer

I can never get enough of kids exploring mask wearing. Ten year old Payton's eyes lit up as I began revealing the masks I'd brought to his 'Little Urban Farmer' session at his urban farm in the city. He made sure that we used all his favorites during the session including the horse, zebra and hippo. 

This collaboration with his pet goat just cracked me up. Later his little sis' Rhiannon slipped on the 'fox' mask and began chasing the chickens. Rhiannon repeated over and over "I'm going get you chickens and eat you up." Payton even stepped in with a huge net to lend a hand. What a story these two could tell.

Interested in seeing their darling faces revealed? Mosey on over to my portrait site to see their 'Little Urban Farmer' pictures.

Lola & Mick

This twosome came in front of my lens for some El Corazon photography recently. The expressions I was able to capture between the two were simply divine. Incorporating animals into portraits adds such an evocative element when it's done right. Ten year old Lola is just on that cusp between child and teen - it's a tender and powerful time. With her grandmother and mom giving her support, ideas and hairstyling Lola had this fabulous opportunity to collaborate on costumes, masks and hairstyles. Almost like a dress-up play date with some of her favorite women on the planet. It was terrifically fun.

Little Urban Farmers

El Gallo Portrait for Little Urban Farmer Sessions by Kim Campbell of Campbell Salgado Studio.

I've generated so much excitement about this single photo from my Lotería series - El Gallo that I thought I might try exploring a series about these little farmers and homesteaders in our urban boundary of Portland. If I can get at least 4 separate shoots with at least 1 kid at each home I'll head out during Spring Break on Thursday, March 29th to your chicken coop, duck pond, goat shed or kale patch.

Discounted rates for session is $250 - for families who sign a model release so I can use images for art shows, etc... You'll receive an at home/urban farm shoot and an unmatted, signed 9 x 14 archival pigment print (reg. $800). Please call me at (503) 736-3040 for more details and to discuss the kids, critters and costumes your dreaming about.

A DeadMau5 Fascination

My 10 year old boy has been transfixed by the DeadMau5 musical phenomena. Having a sculptor for a father has its benefits so Tamaio did some research about making a DeadMau5 mask online and they went to work. Using a beach ball, plaster gauze, paper mache, foam board and a lot of spray paint they crafted this mask over a 3 week period. I couldn't resist taking some photos of Tamaio wearing his dead mouse mask.

Illuminating La Luna

La Luna | El Corazon photography by Kim Campbell.
El Corazon Photography by Kim Campbell - girl with stuffed hyena.

How serendipitous that I would come across a gal named Luna. If you follow my Lotería project you might notice that I haven't fulfilled my 'Luna' card yet. Well Luna and I got together and went through her closets and found lots of interesting things including this fabulous plastic wig thing-a-ma-jig. My creative sculptor husband Francisco crafted me this moon out of Styrofoam. I love a good team effort.

This shoot took place at Old Portland Hardware & Architectural where I am having my El Corazón show next week. The owner Bret has been great about lending me props and even offered up his space for a photo shoot which I couldn't resist. I love places that evoke a sense of history, curiosity and discovery.

Well one of the more interesting pieces in his collection is this hyena. He was perched high a top a shelf of glass lampshades. With Luna's mom's permission we hoisted her up on the bookshelf and played a game of girl vs. hyena.

Luna was a great sport and tried on all kinds of costumes and masks on for me. I'm curious to know which of these images 'sing' to her.

Hannah's Masquerade

El Corazon Photography by Kim Campbell.

10 year old Hannah is no stranger to creativity. I've had the opportunity to point my lens on her a time or two before and I couldn't wait to play with her in an El Corazón shoot. A week before our session we peeked into her closets, pulled masks, costumery, interesting clothes and what not into a basket for our session.

Together Hannah and I put together personas and characters for her to try on.  This hare mask (created by Newman's Commedia Mask Co.) was something I discovered at the Oregon Country Fair this Summer and I couldn't wait to try it out. It was wonderful to learn about Hannah's affinity for bunnies - in particular this little pal she's holding. I also learned she's a fiend for watermelon. Making her hold a fresh cut slice of watermelon while posing for these pictures was tantamount to torture for her so we had to take a watermelon snack break. Later evidenced in drippings on her clothes in this last shot. 

Spitfire Ellie

I've known Ellie since she was in her mama's tummy. Her friendship with our family has allowed me to get some insight into her playful confidence and zeal for life. I'd been envisioning a dress with a detail row of matchsticks along the bottom for awhile. I knew Ellie would be the perfect girl to try this out on. As always, she was game even if meant wearing a dress. I found some long matchsticks and had Ellie hold a single long stick of flame for her El Corazón portrait. Her mischevious surprise when it quickly extinguished is apparent in the image above. A vintage umbrella with a smokey gradiant was the perfect accessory. If I'd had more time I hoped to dump water over the top of the umbrella while she was standing underneath. Instead she goofed around while Tamaio watched on.

El Corazón photography by Portland photographer Kim Campbell.

Delicate Longings

El Corazon photography by Kim Campbell of Portland, Oregon.
El Corazon Photography - Enmascarados by Portland Photographer Kim Campbell.

Devin, a study of beauty and courageousness braved the cold for art.  I couldn't wait to let her explore my costume closet as we aspired to collaborate on some new additions to my El Corazón fine art photography collection.  A few months back I'd found some very large, dried gourds that I'd cut in half to create 2 masks and drilled holes for eyes. How could I use this new mask? What would it say about the person wearing it? Creating almost a study in pale was first step so we layered fabrics, old netting on top of tights and a hoop skirt and layers of torn fabric.  I mentioned this was a Winter morning so the fact that Devin is bare armed says something to how truly spunky she is. This character is topped off with a macrame 'hat' unearthed at a yard sale in the past year. Devin's natural and somewhat guarded position really made the image almost a cautionary tale.

Questions unanswered and yet evocative all the same. When I am photographing people I like to explore different facets of and ideas of creative costuming and storytelling. Devin's family has a fondness for cowboy imagery so we played with the hat and clothes and found a way to express something rich with character.

El Corazon Fine Art Portrait Photography by Portland Photographer Kim Campbell.

El Corazon Fine Art Portrait Photography by Portland Photographer Kim Campbell.