The 'Thanks' Giving Game

Thanksgiving game - notes of thanks at dinnertime.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home for two other families. I always love it when a group full of people takes the time to express what they are grateful for but didn't want people to feel put on the spot.  So during our cocktail time I had everyone write down something they were thankful for on a piece of paper and slip it into a beautiful fabric bag. Then right before dinner we passed around the bag and each person read one note out loud. If they drew there own they were encouraged to put it back and pull out another one.  Some of these were so brilliant I couldn't resist sharing.  Here is what a group of people were thankful for in our Thanksgiving dinner game...

  • for warmth
  • 4 being so cool. lol
  • for people who know how to think for themselves
  • two arms - two legs
  • for freckles
  • our health
  • dreams coming true!
  • endless opportunities to learn and grow
  • for myself
  • for this past summer
  • my family
  • One of the table's favorites was 'for freckles' what a great response and I didn't even write it but I do love 'em.