musical portraits

Ainsley is A-Musing

I've encountered this lovely girl many times and have always been taken by her sweet and thoughtful nature, as well as her stunning ginger look. When I approached her about being a model for me she shyly agreed. With her long red hair and freckles she is a stunning little muse. Her willingness to collaborate and be creative is what makes these images so special. The one image she wanted to do more than any other was in her ballet togs laying on top of sheet music - her two passions linked together...divine.

Quintessentially Calla be named after such a sculptural blossom.  Calla is all poise and grace.  A ballet dancer, guitar player, reader and so much more. This lovely nine year old brought in this ragged, white lace dress that she'd repurposed as a 'Corpse Bride' costume two years earlier. We dug through my costume closet until we found this vintage, chiffon, bud studded top hat and some skeletal wings. With her good friend Lucia she counterposed my 'Diablito' with a rather rugged angelic figure. Her guitar teacher came to the rescue with the necessary 'bandolon'. Now I know this might not exactly be a bandolon but it comes pretty darn close and is one of the most equisite instruments I've seen in awhile. To witness Calla's grace and poise see some of my beloved selections in my photographic portfolio here.

Callum in Tune

El Corazon fine art photography by Kim Campbell.
El Corazon fine art photography by Kim Campbell.

Callum is a truly sensitive and intuitive little soul. I'd spent time with him on a number of occasions before asking to photograph him. One thing that had really caught my eye when I visited Callum in his personal space was a homemade spaceship crafted out of plastic, recyclables and ingenuity that lived-to-be-played-in in his living room. They let me borrow this six foot beast for the shoot and I was able to capture Callum and Tamaio interacting with it. 

Musical instruments are favorite props of mine and I incorporate them whenever it suits the child or the concept behind the photograph. A flying V ukelale was all it took for him to let loose and let his inner-rock-star come out. Callum also gave me a soulful rendition with the harmonica that truly stirred something inside of me.