The Slinky and Serpiente

El Corazon fine art photography by Kim Campbell.

Theodora accompanied her sister Shelby to an El Corazón photo shoot with a wait and see attitude. One of the things I've learned over the years as a children's photographer is that when I child needs space to watch and assess it's best to just move forward with another subject until they are ready. I have a similar personality so I'm very supportive of kids who express uncertainty about the process.

After getting a feel for the props, the space and the photographer Theodora decided to play.  The cog that always gets children's photography sessions rolling is simply having fun. I knew she had opened the window a crack so I slowed my shutter speed while watching her play with a slinky. Isn't it bizarre and wonderful how her face so clearly looks straight ahead?

I always have a handful of vintage toys in my costume boxes for children to discover. It's pretty fun to introduce them to the simple toys I played with as a child. After discovering a rubber snake in one of the prop boxes she agreed to peel on a vintage bathing cap and let me perch it on her head.

El Corazon fine art photography by Kim Campbell.