Halloween Costumes from the 70s

You may have noticed I have a thing for costumery. My mother had some meaning sewing skills and a penchant for helping us fulfill our Halloween fantasy. Besides candy you can clearly see that my favorite costume leaned towards the ballerina-princess archetype. Do you remember the store bought Halloween costumes my brothers are donning? I bet they had to beg and barter for my mom to leave her sewing machine and head to the drugstore for those. They probably could bear to be a clown one more year. Those guys also taught me the valuable technique of using a pillowcase for your tick-or-treat haul. As a kid, I took this holiday very seriously at least once I was old enough to understand the significance of candy holidays.

Illuminating La Luna

La Luna | El Corazon photography by Kim Campbell.
El Corazon Photography by Kim Campbell - girl with stuffed hyena.

How serendipitous that I would come across a gal named Luna. If you follow my Lotería project you might notice that I haven't fulfilled my 'Luna' card yet. Well Luna and I got together and went through her closets and found lots of interesting things including this fabulous plastic wig thing-a-ma-jig. My creative sculptor husband Francisco crafted me this moon out of Styrofoam. I love a good team effort.

This shoot took place at Old Portland Hardware & Architectural where I am having my El Corazón show next week. The owner Bret has been great about lending me props and even offered up his space for a photo shoot which I couldn't resist. I love places that evoke a sense of history, curiosity and discovery.

Well one of the more interesting pieces in his collection is this hyena. He was perched high a top a shelf of glass lampshades. With Luna's mom's permission we hoisted her up on the bookshelf and played a game of girl vs. hyena.

Luna was a great sport and tried on all kinds of costumes and masks on for me. I'm curious to know which of these images 'sing' to her.