Illuminating La Luna

La Luna | El Corazon photography by Kim Campbell.
El Corazon Photography by Kim Campbell - girl with stuffed hyena.

How serendipitous that I would come across a gal named Luna. If you follow my Lotería project you might notice that I haven't fulfilled my 'Luna' card yet. Well Luna and I got together and went through her closets and found lots of interesting things including this fabulous plastic wig thing-a-ma-jig. My creative sculptor husband Francisco crafted me this moon out of Styrofoam. I love a good team effort.

This shoot took place at Old Portland Hardware & Architectural where I am having my El Corazón show next week. The owner Bret has been great about lending me props and even offered up his space for a photo shoot which I couldn't resist. I love places that evoke a sense of history, curiosity and discovery.

Well one of the more interesting pieces in his collection is this hyena. He was perched high a top a shelf of glass lampshades. With Luna's mom's permission we hoisted her up on the bookshelf and played a game of girl vs. hyena.

Luna was a great sport and tried on all kinds of costumes and masks on for me. I'm curious to know which of these images 'sing' to her.

Old Portland is Old Timey Fun

I love exploring vintage shops in Portland. If you find the right shop it can be like exploring grandma's attic. The Old Portland Hardware & Architectural store on 41st and Division is a stunning amalgam of architectural objects like doors and windows, intriguing custom lighting and curiosities. What I particularly love is the artful way they are arranged. Owner Bret Hodgert doesn't just throw door plates in a drawer he meticulously arranges them on the wall so they almost become an art installation by themselves.

The old film holders in the lower right corner came home with me. In fact I cleaned him out and now have a box of these sitting under my desk awaiting my show. I was thinking of stringing them up and hanging photos like an oldschool darkroom.

Bernadette Brue's Brilliance

My new friend Sue from SAID interior design suggested I swing by Bernadette Brue in SE Portland for a visit. She knew about my fondness for beautiful, old things and she didn't steer me wrong. This large retail space was choc-a-bloc full of interesting objects, furniture, toys, light fixtures and all-around great treasures. There were several things I fell in love with including an old farmhouse butcher block table that seemed to have experienced a lot of life and this gorgeous little settee bedecked in red velvet.  Stunning. Want to go discover a little something for yourself? Bicycle on over to 1338 SE 6th Avenue.

I Love Really Good Stuff

One of my favorite haunts on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, Oregon is the aptly named curiosity shop 'Really Good Stuff'.  I never miss a chance to stop by when I'm in the neighborhood to see what they've squirreled away. A gypsy fortune teller has even been hand crafted to predict your future. The best part is that the store cat figures prominently in the premonitions. Not surprisingly, I couldn't find a website for these guys but here is the address if I've piqued your interest -1322 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Super Stars of the Antique Row

In Sellwood there are some amazing antique spots but when you want the greatest variety of top-notch collectibles stop in at Stars. I've found all kinds of wonderful detrius from other times in the vendors stalls. If one location was good an additional spot across the street is great. Only about ten blocks from my studio I'm a frequent browser on my neighborhood strolls. Located on 7027 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR.

Stars Antique Mall in Sellwood by Portland, Oregon photographer Kim Campbell.