OKDOTHIS - Resolution // Be Creative 2014

Meet OKDOTHIS. The photo app that brings idea sharing to your camera screen. Song credit: The Hawk In Paris Learn more at www.OKDOTHIS.com

@Kimcampbell on Ok Do This or OKDOTHIS photo app

At the Imaging USA 2014 conference sponsored by PPA I was fortunate to hear Jeremy Cowart speak about creativity. His lectures was called 'Stop Saying It's All Been Done Before" - A Fresh Look into Who and What's New.  'Now he's introduced an app that is what early instagrammers and new instagrammers might covet - an idea machine. Put in an idea or pull out an idea.  I use my reminder app in my iPhone to continually jot down ideas for photos or concepts before I forget them. OK DO THIS allows you tap into a global community of idea makers and image takers. 

Join me in choosing to stay creative in 2014. Download the OKDOTHIS app on the iTunes store. Then find me @kimcampbell and I'll follow you back.