Mini Moustaches & More

Kim Campbell - El Corazon photography of two boys with moustaches.

Moustaches are all the rage in Portland and clearly they've trickled down to the younger set. When Harry and Fergus spied my pack of stick on moustaches they quickly each had a favorite to slap on. 

This terrific twosome came with lots of fabulous props and costumery. Having scientists for parents meant there was plenty of cool bones, taxidermy and tools to choose from. Fergus and I crafted these curious epaulets with two crocodile heads.

This is the first set of brothers I've done in my El Corazón photography line and it was a TREAT. Curious about seeing more photos from their studio session visit my blog on and catch a glimpse at the gorgeous plate of vanilla cupcakes with cherries on top that mom baked just for this photo shoot.

Kim Campbell - El Corazon Photography - Portrait of boy with alligator epaulets.