Hannah's Masquerade

El Corazon Photography by Kim Campbell.

10 year old Hannah is no stranger to creativity. I've had the opportunity to point my lens on her a time or two before and I couldn't wait to play with her in an El Corazón shoot. A week before our session we peeked into her closets, pulled masks, costumery, interesting clothes and what not into a basket for our session.

Together Hannah and I put together personas and characters for her to try on.  This hare mask (created by Newman's Commedia Mask Co.) was something I discovered at the Oregon Country Fair this Summer and I couldn't wait to try it out. It was wonderful to learn about Hannah's affinity for bunnies - in particular this little pal she's holding. I also learned she's a fiend for watermelon. Making her hold a fresh cut slice of watermelon while posing for these pictures was tantamount to torture for her so we had to take a watermelon snack break. Later evidenced in drippings on her clothes in this last shot.