Instagram Postcards - Cool

Kim Campbell tree image on instagram @elcorazon

I am a BIG fan of the instagram iphone app and as soon as I started using it my wheels started turning about ways it could get even slicker. One idea is to make a global marketplace where photographers can sell and folks can buy their instagram photos. Hook it up to paypal and photographers can finally start hearing dollars drop into their account. Even nominal sale prices could produce a nice revenue stream for some of the really prolific and talented artists on instagram.

A new app recently arrived on the scene which doesn't quite answer that call but does provide a happy-go-lucky way to say hello in a modernly old-fashioned way...via a instagram, pop-out-the-photo postcard. Download the postagram app and start sending messages that will show up in the mailbox. Guaranteed to make the receiver smile, as well as, the US postal service. Techcrunch has a more thorough blog post about how the #iphoneography photographers might ignite over this concept.

I'm going to use this image for my first postcard. A thank you to my feathered family in Texas. Albino peacocks were a wonderful discovery.