Spitfire Ellie

I've known Ellie since she was in her mama's tummy. Her friendship with our family has allowed me to get some insight into her playful confidence and zeal for life. I'd been envisioning a dress with a detail row of matchsticks along the bottom for awhile. I knew Ellie would be the perfect girl to try this out on. As always, she was game even if meant wearing a dress. I found some long matchsticks and had Ellie hold a single long stick of flame for her El Corazón portrait. Her mischevious surprise when it quickly extinguished is apparent in the image above. A vintage umbrella with a smokey gradiant was the perfect accessory. If I'd had more time I hoped to dump water over the top of the umbrella while she was standing underneath. Instead she goofed around while Tamaio watched on.

El Corazón photography by Portland photographer Kim Campbell.