StickyGrams are Magnetic

@elcorazon instagram photo of Fall leaves by Kim Campbell.
Stickygrams Week 1 Finalist - Kim Campbell, lower left photo.

This super cool new product by stickygram is for those iphone instagrammers out there who want their amazing photos to come out of their phone and onto their fridge. Or file cabinet or locker - really whatever metal surface a magnet would stick on. This product is a recent discovery of mine and I can't wait to get my first set. The magnets are sized on a sheet with 9 different images per sheet for $14.95. 

I just found out yesterday that a photo I entered in an instagram contest was a Finalist in the first round. This contest was juried by @poeticasthetic (and received over 7000 entries). Eventually all the rounds will be judged together for a singularly spectacular grand prize. One talented instagram photographer will get their whole feed made into magnets. I'm currently at 475 images so that would be a real trip. I'd have to cover a whole wall with sheet metal so I could stick on all my magnets. Or give them away to dear friends and unsuspecting bystanders. Hmm...

My Finalist prize is a sheet of my favorite 9 as magnets.  I'll do a follow up post when I get it in so you can see it.