Oh Henry...Got a Fowl?

As I continue building up the gallery show based on the Mexican Lotería I knew I needed to find a friend who was comfortable handling friendly fowl. Henry was ready and willing to lend a hat and bring along two of his feathery pals. Taking care of chickens has been a passion of seven year old Henry's for a couple years now. We ended up having only about 20 minutes to do this shoot as it was a brisk Wintery day.

Out popped the chickens from an improptu cardboard carrier and Henry quickly scooped up one while I observed their interactions from behind my lens. In the end I had too many wonderful 'El Gallo' photos to choose from. I couldn't resist that stoic look on Henry's face...priceless. Although this image to the right is probbly one of my favorites it might have been the portfolio image if the chicken's head had turned sideways at just the moment of my camera snap.