Quintessentially Calla

Ah...to be named after such a sculptural blossom.  Calla is all poise and grace.  A ballet dancer, guitar player, reader and so much more. This lovely nine year old brought in this ragged, white lace dress that she'd repurposed as a 'Corpse Bride' costume two years earlier. We dug through my costume closet until we found this vintage, chiffon, bud studded top hat and some skeletal wings. With her good friend Lucia she counterposed my 'Diablito' with a rather rugged angelic figure. Her guitar teacher came to the rescue with the necessary 'bandolon'. Now I know this might not exactly be a bandolon but it comes pretty darn close and is one of the most equisite instruments I've seen in awhile. To witness Calla's grace and poise see some of my beloved selections in my photographic portfolio here.