The Enigma of Ellora

Known to her friends as Ella, this intriguing young girl first came into my acquaintence at age four. She was the first small child I'd met to have pink and purple stripes in her hair before starting kindergarten. It's a lucky break when you are an avante guard kid if your mom is a colorist and super cool to boot. But once you've met Ellora you realize that she truly marches to the beat of her own drummer. I'd had all kinds of ideas of her before she came in with a basket of petticoats, antique glass door handles, feather boas and sparkly tops. She had a confidence and conviction about her ideas and soon much of my planning went out the window as I let her explore the props and outdoor spaces we were working in. Within minutes she had skinnied up the dogwood tree in a rainbow petticoat, like a cat after a mouse. The 50s era glasses were over-the-top and after much convincing by her mom and I we were able to get those balanced on her nose for about two minutes. I think the resulting images are so evocative and appealing. The color palette around her face is so dreamy.