Lucia Melts My Heart

I first met Lucia when she was an itty bitty baby when her mama brought her in for newborn portraits. We must have really connected at that first meeting because whenever we are around each other she is my best pal. Always ready to play a game, talk about life, dance around and lend a hand. Did I mention she loves being photographed? Naturally, she is a true beauty to boot. Lucia's parents are acupuncturists at GroundSpring Healing Center and had a variety of cool props for Lucia and I to play with in the picture. I am enamored with this feathered wing. It is truly a stunning piece. We even did a recreation of 'Diego and Frida' that's one of my absolute favorite images. You can discover it in my Los Soñadores show.

El Corazon photography, fine art children's portrait by Portland photographer Kim Campbell.