Lil' Levi Love

El Corazon fine art photography by Kim Campbell.

I've discovered over time that my favorite window for photographing children for the El Corazón photography shoots tends to be between five and ten years of age. There is something so unscripted and engaging in the personalities and body language of these kids. As a photographer, connecting with my subjects is key.

Little Levi is such a heartwarming lil' pal that I couldn't resist taking his photograph beside the biggest 'Pooh' bear I've ever seen. Topped off with a british Bobby hat and the innocent and nonchalant expression and your heart just melts a bit.

One of the really wonderous things Levi brought was a this project he'd made. It seems that tinkering, disassembling and figuring is one of Levi's favorite passtimes. I thought it could make an interesting mask and posed Levi with it to see if it's true.

A budding guitar player, Levi also brought along his strings and willingly gave me some very sophisticated poses that showed a confidence beyond his five years.

El Corazon fine art photography by Kim Campbell.